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  photo of ultrasonic tester

This is an instrument using the most modern technologies; it has a 1⁄4 VGA colour touch screen, Intel Xscale processor up to 400 MHz up to 64MB Flash Memory, up to 128 MB RAM, Compact Flash interface, SD card, USB, RS232, RS485, possibility of wifi connection, Blutooth, working system Windows CE with the possibility to manage, Excel, Word, PPT files etc.

The appliance measures the ultrasonic impulse speed inside the material (by knowing the distance between the probes). It measures the distance between the probes (by knowing the speed of the ultrasonic impulse to go through the tested material).
It measures the required time by the ultrasonic impulse to go through the tested material. Young’s modulus is also measured (by knowing the distance between the probes and the density of the tested material).
Zero calibration with depuration of the time for the impulse to go through the probes.
Calibration of a defined time value.
Selection of the transmission frequency of the impulse.
Selection of the impulse amplitude.
Infinite filing capacity of the test dates and the graph tracing of the tests on SD card or Compact Flash extractable and expandable.
RS232 or RS485 or USB interface for PC or printer connection.
Time measuring from 0 to 9999,9 µS
Resolution: 0,1 µS
Possibility to use the instrument with two exponential probes, or with one standard probe and one exponential probe.
The use of the appliance is made easy because it is based on the Palm PC and Windows CE way of working, it allows using the user knowledge of the classic personal computer and its softwares.

The standard appliance includes:
• Instrument in basic configuration (x-scale 200MHz, 32MB Flash Memory, 64MB Ram) in a practical palm case.
• Two 55 kHz probes with connecting cables.
• Calibrating cylinder and contact paste
• Strong anti shock case holding the instrument and the accessories.
• Battery pack NiMh 14,8V 1500m/per hour
• External feeder 220V/24V and battery charger

Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 180mm

STANDARDBS1881:203,EN12504 part 4,ASTM C597
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دستگاه تست اوالتراسونیک باراهنمای فارسی#

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