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Universal Testing Machine

  Photo shows UTM main units,to see accessories see brochure

Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine

  • l  Load Frame

    ²  Rigid four-column & two -lead screw construction & compact design

    ²  Dual workspace design: Upper for tension, Lower for compression or bending tests

    ²  Movable lower crosshead providing exceptional ease of operation

    ²  Accurate force measurement through precision load cell

    ²  With open front hydraulic wedge grips for easy change of inserts and specimen loading

    ²  Integrated displacement photoelectric encoder

    ²  Cylinder mounted at the bottom of the machine

    l  Safeguard

    ²  Overload protection: When the testing load is over 2%-5% of Max. Load, the system will unload.

    ²  Stroke protection: When the ram arrives at the upper limited position, the motor of oil pump will stop.


    l  Main Technical Specifications:

    ²  Max load: 500KN

    ²  Load accuracy: ≤±1%

    ²  Deformation accuracy: ≤±1 %

    ²  Test curves’ mode: Load-deformation, Load-time, Load-Displacement, Stress-Strain, Deformation-Time, Displacement-Time, Load-strain, etc

    ²  Parameters processed with computer: Upper & lower yield point strength ReH & ReL, max. Load point, breaking strength, stress, deformation, elastic modulus & бP0.2.etc.

    ²  Control mode: servo control (Displacement control; Load control; Strain control; Stress Control, etc.)

    ²  Max. Distance between tension jaws: 700mm (Including ram stroke)

    ²  Clamps for flat specimen: Thickness 0-30mm

    ²  Clamps for round specimen: Diameter Ø13- Ø 40mm

    ²  Max. Distance between upper and lower platen: 650mm

    ²  Platen Size: Φ120mm

    ²  Power supply: 380VAC, 50Hz, 2.5kW

    ²  Load frame dimensions: 770×600×2100mm.

    ²  Oil source dimensions: 550×550×1050mm

    ²  Weight: 2600kG


    l  Standard Accessories:

    1. Tensile fixture

    Grips for round specimen: Φ13-Φ26mm, Φ26-Φ40mm            1 set for each

    Grips for flat specimen: Thickness: 0-15mm, 15-30mm            1 set for each

    2. Bending fixture                                  1 set

      Span between bearers: 1000mm; bearer length: 100mm, diameter: 50mm;


    3. Compression fixture up to 600 KN                           1 set

    Platen Dia. 120mm                      


    4. High precision load cell                                   1 set

     Flat load cell 600kN, Tensile & Compression type,


    5. Electronic clip-on extensometer                              1 pc

      Gauge length 50mm, travel 25mm.


    6. High precision photoelectric encoder                           1 set 

      Measuring the displacement   



    7. High pressure hydraulic pack and control console         1 set

    Hydraulic pack is for loading and clamping specimen hydraulically. Through the control console, it can operate the machine with manual and it also can operate the machine automatically.


    8. Computer system with English version software (19in LCD)   1 set

    Printer: HP Color DeskJet                      1 set

    For software please see ANNEX-1



    9. Measuring control unit

    It is the important core part of the machine, and do data acquisition, measure and control, etc.

    10. Hand control box

    It sticks on the column of the machine by magnet, and can move up and down freely along the column. It can control up-and-down of crosshead and clamp the specimen hydraulically.

    11. Tool kit                                            1 set

STANDARD ISO6892: DIN EN 10002-1, JIS Z2241, BS-18, ASTM E8, ASTM A370, ASTM E4,EN 10002-4, ISO7500-1
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#Universal Testing Machine

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