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The Auto Lift Arm ECO Wheel Tracker


Wheel tracking is used to assess the resistance to rutting of asphaltic materials under conditions which simulate the effect of traffic. A loaded wheel tracks a sample under specified conditions of load, speed and temperature while the development of the rut is monitored continuously during the test. Test specimens can be either slabs prepared with a laboratory compactor or 200mm Ø cores cut from the highway.


Key Features

  • Test materials for roads with axle loads up to 13 tonnes
  • Fully programmable automated lift arm, enables up to twice the normal test throughput Automated pre programmable sample conditioning Small and compact for maximum energy efficiency, 28% saving over CRT-WTEN1
  • Integral temperature controlled cabinet with fully glazed doors PID control of test temperature in the range 40°C to 62°C
  • Specimens compacted with the Cooper Technology Roller Compactor can be transferred directly to the wheel tracker without de-moulding
  • User-friendly Windows™ software
  • Supplied with UKAS accredited calibration certification
STANDARDEN 12697-22.
DTIME4 months
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دستگاه ثبت شیار افتادگی با بازوی خودکار #

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#The Auto Lift Arm ECO Wheel Tracker

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