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Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester

  photo of ultrasonic tester

This unit is used to determine the presence of faults, voids, cracks etc., within in-situ or precast concrete. It can also be utilised for the longterm monitoring of structures subject to environmental conditions. Data concerning the homogeneity of the concrete is obtained by generating pulses of sound into the concrete and measuring the time the sound takes to travel through the material from the transmitter probe to the receiver probe. It is also possible to get indicative data of the modulus of dynamic elasticity, and strength of the concrete.

  •  Measuring range: 0 - 3000 µs Precision: ± 0,1 µs
  • Ultrasonic pulse amplitude selectable from 250 to 1000 Peak Volt
  • Measure of the time used by the impulse to cross the material to be tested.
  • Single or continuous acquisition procedure with automatic or manual saving.
  • Zero calibration with depuration of the time for the impulse to go through the probes.
  • Calibration of a default time value.
  • Acquisition, processing and filing of the tests data in a up to 30,000 samples storage capacity.
  • Mini USB interface for PC connection.
  • RRechargeble batteries and charger included
  • Couplant gel included
  • Supplied with carring case
STANDARD BS1881:203,EN 12504 part. 4,ASTM C597,EN/ISO 8047
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#Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester

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