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Digital Half-Cell Potential Meter

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Presence of Corrosion
Corrosion of steel is an electrochemical process involving anodic (corroding) and cathodic (passive) areas of the metal. By measuring concrete - surface electrical potentials relative to a standard reference electrode on a predetermined grid, the presence and location of corrosion and its probable future performance may be assessed. Such diagnosis identifies areas where corrosion is present or about to proceed long before any physical damage is visible.

The technique may be used to identify areas of reinforced concrete in need of repair or protective treatment and, by regular measurements, monitor the behavior of new and relatively new structures, and thus minimize maintenance costs.

Hand-held Digital Half-Cell Kit

* Digital Half-Cell Satisfies the requirements of BS 1881:Part 201 and ASTM C876
* Silver/silver chloride probe – re-fillable
* Measurements automatically converted and displayed as Cu/CuSO4 equivalent potentials
* Rapid response and stabilization
* Extensible probe holder for remote surveying
* Nylon carrying case

STANDARDBS 1881:Part 201 ,ASTM C876
DTIMEفوري آماده تحويل
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دستگاه نیم پیل دیجیتال جهت بررسی خوردگی#

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#Digital Half-Cell Potential Meter

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